Tissot Macvin du Jura Blanc NV

Macvin du jura is easily one of the world's greatest sweet, fortified wines; it's also one of the most difficult to find accounting for a mere 3% o the region's total production. Although this sweet nectar has been produced in France's eastern Jura region for at least the past six centuries, it didn't attain AOC status in 1991. Benedicte & Stephane Tissot are arguably the best producers in the region, and their macvins are no exception. They made a rouge as well as this blanc, made from Savagnin must fortified with Marc de Jura (the house's eau-du-vie) before aging in oak cask for at least six years. Bursting with flavor (candied orange peel, baked apricots, marjoram, and baking spices), its sweetness is offset nicely by the region's signature saline tang along with a very subtle vermouth-like bitterness making for a deep and shockingly refreshing beverage.