Emme Wines 'Pink Lemonade' 2023


The 2023 pink lemonade is, as always, a blend of all the varieties planted at Ricetti Vineyard.  The blend is composed of two separate picks.  The first of these picks is the earlier-ripening varieties at Ricetti – Abouriou and Zinfandel (which contribute tannin and color), as well as some Colombard (for acidity). 

The second pick, three weeks later, comprises the later-ripening varieties at Ricetti – Valdiguié, Carignan and Colombard.  This pick was very minimally crushed, with a full third of the fruit left intact on the bottom of the tank to undergo carbonic fermentation.  The goal with this style of fermentation was to extract much less tannin and produce a fruitier, lighter wine, as a counterbalance to the earlier, more tannic pick.

Enjoy this wine preferably outside, with food, with friends