Sirene Canto Amaro


The Liquori delle Sirene are a collection of bitters and liqueurs made by the lovely Elisa Carta, a trained sommelier and olive oil taster, and a passionate herbalist. All of her products were born on Lake Garda, and were inspired by its gardens, colors, sunsets, and aromas.

Canto Amaro is a traditional and terroir-driven amaro made primarily with infusions from Lake Garda botanicals such as lemons, thistle, rose berries, and sweet and bitter orange. It also includes others like kina, vanilla, and timut pepper (similar to Sichuan pepper), from elsewhere. All infusions are done individually, blended according to Elisa’s recipe and then rested for a short time in small oak cask. A light filtration is performed with paper filter to preserve color and aroma. No chemicals or artificial coloring are used.